About Joel McDonald

My name is Joel McDonald, and I am a professional Adwords consultant.  As an Adwords consultant, I consider it my job to help my clients get as much from their advertising dollar as feasibly possible.  For some, that means cutting adwords expenditures without sacrificing sales.  For other clients, that means driving as much cost-effective traffic as feasibly possible to their website to maximize sales to their fullest potential. For most, it eventually means a combination of both, but each case is different, and as we work together, I like to custom-tailor a growth strategy that fits each of my clients’ specific needs.

Adwords is more than just a way of getting traffic to your website.  Adwords is a powerful research tool that can save thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars.  Although it might seem counter-intuitive that spending money on website traffic can save money, but by spending a little bit of money driving website visitors only on terms you want to test, you can save a lot of money by determining which terms get the most traffic. More importantly, you can verify that the search terms you think will convert into sales actually convert into sales. To read about 10 things you can do with Adwords that you can’t do with organic traffic, click here.

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