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Although I’m a big advocate of learning to manage Adwords for yourself (for a myriad of reasons), sometimes – your time is better spent elsewhere.  In those fortunate situations, it just makes more sense to hire to a professional.   For that reason, I work with clients in two ways:

  1. I offer 1 on 1 AdWords consulting sessions for clients who want to manage their own campaigns, but want to learn how take their account’s performance to the next level.  (Click here for more details.)
  2. I personally manage accounts for clients who are spending at least $50,000 per month on Adwords. (See below)

Adwords Management Services:

I only take on clients if I am confident that I can outperform my minimum monthly fee by either cutting costs, increasing sales (or both)  enough to justify my monthly fee. If you spend at least $50,000 per month, and feel like you can squeeze more out of your accounts, but don’t know how, I’d be glad to discuss further with you.  Every case is unique, and I can’t guarantee results, but here is what I will guarantee:

My guarantee:

  • If we decide to work together, I will set up a new Adwords® account for you that tracks your sales volume, and if it doesn’t outperform your existing account within 30 days, you can terminate our agreement and receive a 100% refund of any/all fees paid to me (excluding adwords expenses paid directly to Google).
  • This is a “no questions asked” policy. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the job I do within the first 30 days of taking over your Adwords® account, I don’t want your money.

If you would like to explore the idea of adding more to your bottom line through cost savings, additional revenue, or both – simply fill out the form below, and I’ll get back with you to see if there is a fit for us to work together.

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