The $115K Report

We’ve all been there… We sign up for Adwords (or we add a new campaign to our Adwords account), and we are ready to drive floods of traffic to our website.  We add a few hundred bucks to test things out, check, and double check our links, our ad copy, and our landing page, and we hit “go” in eager anticipation of the loads of targeted traffic we’re about to drive to our website.

The next day, we check our account, and sure enough – we got tons of visitors. So many, in fact, that we maxed out our budget. To our disappointment, we didn’t get nearly as many leads/sales as we thought we were supposed to.

If you’re like most Adwords(TM) advertisers, there is probably one very important step you forgot to take when setting up your account. It’s a simple, but easy to forget step.  Odds are – by following this simple strategy, you’ll drop your Adwords expenses by 50% to 90%, and increase ROI without hindering existing sales by more than a percent or two (if at all).
If you’re interested, I’ve created a free report that will demonstrate a couple simple things you can do to drastically increase the effectiveness of your campaign. To get your free copy, simply enter your name and email address in the form to the right of this page.
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1 Nic Lucas December 9, 2009 at 5:43 am

Hi Joel,

Thanks for putting this presentation up for access – can’t believe you put it up for free. I really enjoyed this presentation when you gave it last week in Orlando at the Rain Maker event with Jerry West. Your intro above described me exactly – I’d got my feet wet with adwords but having spent a bit of money on it with few leads, I decided to go the ‘seo’ route. Now I totally understand how important adwords is to seo. So, thanks again for great quality information and for being so open to share your years of experience.

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