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by admin on September 13, 2010

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I’m inside of a month from attending the 10th semi-annual Stompernet Live Conference in Vegas & am getting pretty excited. I’m especially excited since I get to share my biggest passion at the conference… Twice.

My Speaking Gig; On Friday, Oct 8th, I’ll be doing a 90 minute presentation on the wonders of AdWords.  I get to talk about all of the things that you can do that can multiply ROI from your AdWords expenses 2x, 4x… or even 50x.  Free traffic is great, but even someone who’s ranking #1 for their desired keyword can’t test to improve conversions like what you can do with AdWords.

Set up your AdWords account in a day; On Sunday – I’m doing an optional 8-hour interactive bootcamp, where I’ll be spending 8 hours with a small group of business owners who want to set up their AdWords account the right way.  Our whole day will be spent working on the attendees’ AdWords accounts, and setting them up for maximum profitability.  I do this on a one on one basis all the time, but I’m really looking forward to the added benefit of the group dynamic, and I’m especially excited to see results that day vs. waiting 30 days as I do with my on on one clients.  I’m even thinking I might have a little contest, and give some sort of reward for who ever gets the first sale/lead during our actual bootcamp!

Get in for free. Non-members can attend the conference for $497, but if you’re a Stompernet member, it’s free.  Coincidentally, as a Stompernet faculty member, I’m allowed to give away 30-day free trials, so if you start your trial today, you can attend the Vegas event for free and then decide if you want to continue your membership.  Check it out.

If you attend the event, be sure to look me up. I’d love to meet you in person.


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